State of Driving Safety in Texas 2020

State of Driving Safety in Texas 2020

The first and most important purposes of Rules and Regulations in road safety are the safety of the public. It allows people to be responsible by giving them the duty to follow the rules. They ensure the driving safety of drivers, riders on the road.

In order to be on the safer side, it is important to drive safely. Driving safe helps to avoid cogent fines or imprisonment for traffic violations. It also keeps your insurance premiums lower. For your information, there are few states where if a person incurs too many drinking violations can be pilloried with a different-colored license plate. Texas is definitely not the best when it comes to public road safety.

The Recent State of Driving Safety in Texas

Recent data states that there are more than 24 million registered vehicles are running in Texas Street. The recent data of the Texas traffic department states that 12,161 serious injuries took place within the state. The number of motor vehicle traffic fatalities death is almost 3,639. So the calculation says, one person was killed every 2 hours 25 minutes. Now, looking at this number and beyond what is the current state of driving safety in the state of Texas? And most importantly how we can recover from it.

In order to answer that question we have to highlight these below points:

The cities which are the most dangerous in Texas

The cities which are most safe in Texas

The new changes in driving laws in Texas

Safest cities in Texas:

According to many Texas is like a whole other country and in a few ways, that’s right also. So, sometimes it’s always tough for the traffic department to handle local residents and visitors of Texas. But visitors to Texas, especially those people who are traveling with families, often curious to know which the safest cities in Texas are. Let’s, go through the safest cities as published by the National Council for Home Safety and Security in recent times.

Top 10 safest city in Texas


  1. Colleyville
  2. Keller
  3. Highland Village
  4. Trophy Club
  5. Murphy
  6. Horizon City
  7. Hutto
  8. Friends wood
  9. Flower Mound
  10. West University Place


Most dangerous cities in Texas for 2020:

Though it can seems that everything might be bigger. But the recent data and the incident says it is definitely not in the lists of having the safest cities. Now that is very shocking.

Yes, the most shocking part is the most dangerous parts of Texas are dealing with high employment. It also affected low wages, lack of rehabilitation programs. The list that we are about to show is not based on driving five miles, it’s based on more than high rates of crime. In order to draw our list, we went through FBI data for violent crimes and property crimes in Texas cities with a population of more than 5,000. That left us for at least 334 cities. We come to know that almost 438 violent crimes and 2,562 property crimes took place per 100, 00 residents.

Have we teased your thoughts so far? Want to know where the dangerous places in Texas are located? Then keep reading.

Top 10 Dangerous Cities in Texas For 2020

  1. Bell mead   2. Humble  3. Lubbock  4. Bastrop  5. Palm view  6. Livingstone  7. Houston   8. Alamo  9. Amarillo 10. Beaumont

Texas new driving rules

The traffic department of Texas recently passed more strict laws of driving for both teens and those with DWI’s. The rules are been implemented in order to keep their roads safer. Though some are still asking how to get adjust to these new laws? Well, we have a very simple answer for you on this, it’s defensive driving. These are the effect of avoiding pricey tickets and road accidents.

The changes in Texas’ driving laws are given below:

Ignition Interlock Law

Recent data from the national highway traffic driving safety administration says that 40% of all traffic deaths in Texas are due to drunk driving. The recent death numbers which are led by Texas are extremely horrifying. According to the traffic department, a total of 1,337 died due to drunk driving. Besides this shocking number, almost Over 600 injuries occurred as well.

Now Texas has decided to take tough steps to decrease the chances of drunk and driving cases. One of the recent movement in Texas started in late August. The name of the campaign is “Drink, Drive, and Go to jail campaign. It received unanimous support from the crowd as well as Texas representatives. One of the other movements is mothers against drunk driving or known as MADD also got huge responses as well.  It faced an advocated bill that is signed by Governor Abbott.

New Texas driving safety laws pledge to save lives from what MADD president called a 100% preventable crime. This Texas law has proposed an idea to install an ignition interlock device onto their cars. The new rules say those person who are arrested with a DWI offender and already received a suspension have to pay for the device. Or even they can choose not to drive while being on suspension. That device costs almost about $125. The purpose is to prevent the car from starting until the driver blows into the device. He or she has to prove that breathe does not have a higher than .08 BAC. The drivers who are accused as the first offenders must have to keep the device in the car for at least 90 days. And for the second time offenders is almost with at least 180 days.

Impact of new rules on Texas teen driver program:

This is not the single change that Texas made to increase the basic public safety of its roads. Looking into the current situation there is a requirement of another new law for teens who are applying for a driver’s licenses to complete the ITTD program.

Other important laws:

Texas made other changes in-laws as well. These also include unattended vehicles, the LED ground lighting equipment on a motorcycle, and the social security, the LED  ground-effect lighting equipment on a motorcycle, and the social security number as well. These are the requirements for the people who are looking out for drivers licenses. If you need more assistance in order to gather more knowledge about new rules, you can always go through Txlege.Texas tribune.

Here is a short summary of Texas driving laws compare to other states based on normal categories.

Speed Camera – Merciful

Seat belt – Strict

Safety of child passengers – Strict

Speed limits – Merciful

Inexperienced driver -Merciful

Cell phone – Average

Drunk driving – Average

In Conclusion:

If you are in need to gather for more information you can always go through Texas DMV official website.

In case, if you are looking for services for driving lessons and courses on traffic rules you can always take our assistance.

The main purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the rules and regulations of road safety and teach you the value of life.

Enjoy your ride with safety.


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