Drunk Driving Statistics and New Rules of Texas

Drunk Driving Statistics and New Rules of Texas

 Consumption of alcohol or other drugs by a driver is the main reason of DUI. (including other prescribed drugs  by physicians), It forces a driver from being incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely. Now for many years, people are not that serious about the consequences of drunk driving. Now that is shocking. Is not it? Texas is no different in terms of cases of drunk driving. Let’s go through some facts about drunk driving, some of which might just change the way you look at it.

Consequences of drunk and driving :

Driving under all the influence of banned things is a crime.

 In all other states of the US and a conviction carries with it serious consequences, including huge fines and time in jail.

Have you heard about the Horrific incident about Minya Paulson who got  Killed in Dallas Car Crash? Shockingly the case is Involving with Drunk Driver”

Impaired driving can happen with less than 0.08 BAC :

Most of the states already set the blood alcohol concentration or BAC limit at 0.08, but research has shown that driving skills start to decline even when a person’s BAC is at 0.02, which is way below the legal limit.

Drunk driving is cost a lot :

 A spastic of the traffic department of the United States says the cost of deaths and damages because drunk driving is approximately $52 billion each year.

Texas Drunk Driving Statistics

Drunk driving is a genuine problem that directly or indirectly impacts the lives of many people. It does not restrict just the ones who drink and drive.

Approximately every 20 minutes, a drunk driver kills or injures someone in  Texas. Sounds horrifying? Rightly so.  Drunk driving in Texas is a serious burning problem that does not seem to be improving. Texas continues to be the worst in the whole country. The numbers of an alcohol-ruined driving accident are shocking Unfortunately, the education and the increased law enforcement efforts to stop drunk driving have been insufficient to stop all drunk drivers.

Overcome drunk driving :

As the above facts show, there are so many innocent lives have already been ruined by intoxicated people behind that wheel.

BY any moment, If you ever wish to drive after a few drinks, think hard about the future consequences. Stop yourself from the consumption of drinking and driving, and you may just save lives. It includes yourself too.

  • Don’t drink while  driving
  • Must designate a driver.
  • Call a cab.
  • Spend the rest of the night where you are, if possible.


New rules in Texas for drunk driving :

As per the punishment for DWI depends on the number of convictions:

First Offense :

A fine of Approximately up to $2,000

Three days to 180 days in jail

Loss of driver license up to a year

Annual fee of almost  $1,000 or $2,000 for three years to retain driver license

A second offense and Third offense are followed including the first one. In order to gather more information you can always visit TxDot

In conclusion:

The main intention of this blog is to make all the residents educate with the recent state of drunk driving Texas government. I hope this blog will help you to value live you and others too. All the research of this blog is researched by Drive auto-driving school. You can check out our official website for all driving-related queries and rules and regulations as well.

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Take care of your habits while driving.


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